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Jan 1st, 2010

MARINAH NG WAI LENG  well-known in Malaysia in the field of providing consultation services on numerology to people and has been actively involved in advisory work to a wide range of clients in areas such as reading clients date of birth, mobile numbers, house address numbers, car number, companies’ registration numbers and etc. Marinah’s other range of services also include reading of business cards to Feng Shui Card, Name changing to better luck through Chinese names and English names.
To date she has over 4000 clienteles globally. Her clients are individual, corporates and private organisations in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. She conducts her seminars in Malaysia and Australia. She was also invited to give talk on the subject of numerology at functions and events like the Penang International Property Fair (PISA) 2009, The Lions Club of Georgetown Penang, MAA Insurance Bhd and Alliance Insurance Bhd in Penang and many mores. 











Master Numerologist MARINAH NG WAI LENG


                      Treasure the moment of your life,

                              always believe things happen for a reason.



She had 4 years experienced and in year 2008 she was qualified to be a Master Numerologist by Wawasan Universiti of Malaya and was honoured as one of the top student in her chosen field. 

Her inspiration to be a Numerologist is that she wanted to help to enhance and beautify peoples’ life in term of happiness, success in business and relationships, wisdom, good health and abundance of wealth. She believed that if everyone is having a good path of life then their life will be peaceful, wonderful and more meaningful.


Seminar held in Hotel Evergreen in Penang in December 2008You can certainly contact Marinah at her e-mail: marinah_numerology@hotmail.com or visit her website www.marinahnumerology.com for more information about her consultation services and remedies on how numerology can help you to uplift and enhance your life for better.  

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