The one thing fixed about a person is the time and place of his birth.  Nothing can be done to change it.  We can, however, change the way people call us and that is our name. Each alphabet of the English language has a distinct numerical value. These can be ascribed to each alphabet of a name.  By adding all of them we can arrive at a certain number which decides whether the name is lucky or unlucky for the person and whether or not it is harmony with his birth or root number.  The adding could be so done that it arrives at a single number from 1 to 9.

Which name must be used to arive at a solution?

The answer is simple; the name that is most often used by the person in question and used by others to call him or the name their mentioned in their Business card.

How to alter a name in order to make it lucky?

The name can be altered with an addition or a deletion to make it lucky in case it is not already so.  The numerical value of the name must also be in harmony and align with our date of birth. This fact has been proved beyond doubt by Millions of people from all walks of life and keeping names in consonance with date of birth has proved that it could bestow happiness and fortune even on hitherto unfortunate people and that it can cure certain complicated disease. Therefore, be changed if required in order to have a powerful name and numerologically very lucky. 

Example of my own name as a numerologist myself, my former name MARINA NG WAI LENG and i had my name changed to  MARINAH NG WAI LENG. You may see this in my previous Post  ENGLISH NAME CAN BE AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR CHINESE NAME.

Here also, the example of NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE ( Name number 82 )

This is the most powerful number and it can even elevate an ordinary person to the status of a ruler. Those having this number in their names, are duty-concious, who, with unceasing efforts, will dominate and have ruling power. They own lands, gold mines and precious stones. They are lovers of high-bred horses and will attain the pinnacle of fame.  They create unnecessary problems in their love matters and will be excessively adamant in nature. Their eyes have magnetic powers.

The two name together it form into single digit 0f 1  (8+2). The vibrations of the two names itself are extremely lucky name. These two are good but 1 reflects good or evil as per the person’s desire. It also denotes rise and fall. For some sinister reason Napoleon changed the spelling of his surname to Bonaparte. Now let see how the newly spelt name it becomes

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE  (Name number 76)

Those having this name number lose all their worldly possessions at some point of time. They are very popular. They will be successful in philanthropic deeds. Surprisingly, they make money in new ways. Income comes through unexpected ways and they will be blessed. This grace will be utilised to get material gains.

The single number now is 4 (7+6) is a fatalistic number. This single number is symbolised by “a Skeleton” or Death with a scythe reaping down men. It is a number of upheaval and destruction. This is borne out by history in the case of Napoleon after he changed his name.







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