About Me
I believe life is about the choices we make. We are empowered to change our lives forever, to live a life full of love, laughter and an abundance of joy, but are we living our life the way we are meant to live as a happy, successful and fulfilled person?
“Challenges are a part of life, they come and go.
Challenges Are Temporary.”
A glimpse of who I am with Numerology.
“Life is about sharing and giving about Numerology, the little things in life make the biggest difference Treasure Every Moments of your life.”
“Challenges are a part of life, they come and go Challenges Are Temporary.”
My vocation

I have always been interested in people, and this naturally led me to vocations in hospitality establishments as front desk personnel. Among the places I have worked in are the Ferringhi Beach Hotel (Penang), Sri Muar Hotel (Johor), Hotel Segamat (Johor), Hotel Ramada Renaissance (Malacca) and E&O Hotel (Penang). I haven’t involved in any of Numerology consultation work nor Numerologist work yet.

Later, I ventured into the beauty business as a cosmetic product supplier. That time i have little knowledged of Numerology. Being a person who enjoys the stimulation of positive interactions with people, I had lots of loyal customers who were more like friends than customers. Sometimes, if they had problems, they confided in me and I advised them to try certain remedies to improve their lives based on my Numerology knowledge. What happened next was a pleasant surprise for me because I started having more business from my Numerology expertise rather than my cosmetic product sale. Slowly i become a Numerology Consultant and doing many Numerology consultations and later become a Numerologist.

My satisfied customers referred me to other new customers and this resulted in more referrals. I knew then, Numerology was my calling – my destiny into Numerology and as a Numerologist.

I decided to seriously pursue this gift of mine, and obtained my Master in Birthday Numerology in year 2008. The many hours and months of diligent study and focus paid off as I was honoured as the top student in my course as a Master in Numerologist.

Since then, I never looked back. During that time, although I faced many challenges, I was determined to succeed in life. I attended many motivational and spiritual courses by renowned speakers such as T.Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, and deepened my knowledge in Name Numerology by taking courses in Singapore and Taiwan. Gained many knowledge in many kinds of Numerology, Numerology in Phythogoreas, Numerology in Kabbalah, Numerology in Chaldean, Western Birthday Numerology and more Numerology knowledge from India.

How I Can Help You Live A Fulfilling Life.

Many people work very hard, yet their lives are in a rut. Companies are set up only to be closed a few years later, marriages end up in divorces, and there are families with no peace of mind due to constant squabbles and disagreements – all these and more, may be prevented and problems solved by applying simple remedies proposed in Business Numerology or other Numerology remedies.

Among the Numerology services I provide are Numerology analysis of a client’s birth date based on Birthday Numerology calculation, mobile phone number based on Handphone Numerology calculation, house address number based on House Numerology calculation, car number, company name and registration number also based on Business Numerology calculation, and etc. Other services I provide are business card analysis ( Name Card Numerology) and also Chinese ( Ancient China Chinese Name Analysis) and English name ( Name Numerology ) analysis.

You'll be surprised because after implementing the small changes I propose, this will sometimes bring significant improvements in your life. That is because Numerology is not a random estimate of numbers, occurrences and situations Numerology is a precise science.

Numerology is the study of how numbers influence our lives. It reveals our personalities and how to make the most of our strengths based on our names and birth date calculations.

Everything in this universe has its own vibration. Numerology calculation of a person's name and birth date helps to identify the major frequencies of that person.

Harmoniously aligning a person’s frequencies with the universe’s own unique vibration enhances a person’s life by helping to get things done much more effectively and efficiently.

With Numerology and feng shui, I align certain inharmonious vibrations in your life to bring equilibrium into your life; to bring health, wealth, peace, happiness, and harmonious and beneficial relationships into your life.

Companies and businesses will benefit from my Business Numerology services as they will become more successful by being visible to customers, and by sending out positive vibrations about their products and their company. A favourable company name, and a correctly designed Feng Shui business card with little help from Numerology can help to bring success into a company. Successful companies boost a nation’s economy. Successful nations control the world’s economy.

Feel free to call me or email me for Numerology appointments and consultations, and browse through my website for more information on how Numerology can enhance and bring a fresh, fulfilling perspective into your life.

Numerology Changes In My Life.
Based on my date of birth and using Numerology to guide me, I selected this number PGW788 based on Numerology as my new car number. This number’s vibration is to widen my network and make my life productive.
I changed my hand phone number from 0124507314 ( without Numerology knowledge yet that time) to my present hand phone number 0124237383 also based on Handphone Numerology calculation. The previous hand phone number’s vibration drained my finances, produced no productive results and although I work hard, people will not be helping me to achieve my goals, whilst the new hand phone number’s vibration brought me confidence, enhanced my wealth luck and helped me widen my network of connections. Handphone Numerology really worked best to suit me with the right/match with my birthday and my hand phone number.
Changed my Chinese name three years ago, and changed my English name two years ago from MARINA to MARINAH (Marinah Numerologist) ( Also based on Name Numerology calculation). Changing my English name with Name Numerology had the most positive effect as gradually my life started changing for better.
I also asked my mother to change her house number 36 . Just by adding House Numerology calculation to 49 to my mother’s house address, my family’s finances started to improve. House Numerology worked succesful for my parents’ business.
My achievements

My passion in life is to help people build successful and happy lives through my numerology expertise. With more than 5000 individual and corporate clients worldwide, I travel frequently conducting seminars and talks in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Among the various seminars and talks
I was invited to speak in are:

2008 – Evergreen Hotel, Penang.
2008 – Canberra, Australia.
2008 – Alliance Assurance Insurance (AAI) Dinner, Penang.
2008 – Malaysian Alliance Assurance (MAA) Agency Function, Penang.
2009 – Lions Club Function, Vistana Hotel, Penang.
2009 – Penang International Property Fair, PISA, Penang.
2010 – United Overseas Bank (UOB), Butterworth.
2010 – Great Eastern (GE) Insurance Agency, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
2010 – United Overseas Bank (UOB), Penang.
2010 – Okamizu Roadshow, Business Network International, Penang.
2010 – Penang International Property Fair, PISA, Penang.
2010 – Two talks in Hong Kong.
2010 – Two talks in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
2010 – Two talks in Labuan, Malaysia.
2011 – Two talks in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
2011 – Three talks in Hong Kong.
2011 – Hotel Paradise Resort, Penang.