Auspicious day to hang Red Cloth

Hanging Red Cloth on the above main door or business office main door is not anything relates to Feng Shui but very much to Culture and Customs. China Ancient back to 7000 years ago, Chinese people hanging Red Cloth to their main door because their believed that Red is a symbol of Good Luck. Therefore, their hang Red Cloth on their main door it is to prevent evil spirit and to usher Good Fortune.

Believe it or not? You may try this out on this Auspicious day and time to hang this Red Cloth.

31st January 2011, time 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Before you hang this Red Cloth, remember to cheer up yourself and wear clean clothing. After hanging, you may try your luck to buy numbers or lotteries. People believed that hanging the Red Cloth on the right day and the right time will attract striking lotteries luck. Good luck to you!

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