Name is an important factor in a person’s life. When we get a total number of a person’s name, we can know much about a person. Sometimes it so happens that Name number and the date of birth of the person not align or do not match, as a result of which the person concerned has to struggle throughout his life and in turn, he don’t gain anything. Destiny of a person can be changed if a person’s name is also changed. There have been a number of cases in my life when i changed a person’s name and their life change for a better. Here are the feedbacks from the people..

I told her that certain mishap will happen if she keep on using the name, she changed immediated. After two weeks, this was what she wrote to meÂ

” Marinah, My hubby and i just had a car accident on Km394.2 from KL to Ipoh. Car is wrecked. We are not hurt. No other car cars hit. I am wearing white as you told for today lucky colour. Luckily i trusted you and thanks for the name change and i really saved my life and my loved one. Anything i need to watch out for?”

Why it still happened?  Because the new name just arrived to overlapping the old one. Thanks god!  No one hurt..maybe she have done many good deeds in her life that she managed to change her name on time. In fact, doing good most of the time, can change our destiny too.

Another circumstances, a businessman wrote this to me..

“Marinah! How are you? Since changing the namecard and name, our business grew 40%!!! Thanks!

After successfully experiment with the change of my own name from Marina to Marinah and changing many hundreds names, through my analysis to align their new name according to their date of birth, many see successes in life. The most impressive upon is that entire course of my life and many of my clients underwent a radical changed.

So never underestimate your destiny. Destiny can be changed just by changing your name!

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