Do you have conceive problem? Baby luck?

First thing first. No beam on top of your couple bed. Remove your beam not directly under the bed. It bring harmful to your health and relationship too. Enhance your West corner of your living room with lights on to energize the Chi energy here. You may display a basket of fake/real fruits here. At the same time, you may put a pair of elephants outside your bedroom door. West corner actually is the good time to have your happy moments of your intercourse with your hubby to conceive the baby, may try it out if the corner West is your living room. Try it out! If you can’t, you may write to me your name, date of birth and your hubby one (name & dob), let me know your first date of your menstrual/period cycle date too and i will tell you the date to conceive your baby. I will attend to full details to me only. (I need the regular monthly menstrual/period cycle only i can calculate. Those not having a proper monthly menstrual, you need to consult the doctor) Good luck!!

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