Dreams & The Hungry Ghost Festival

DREAMS & THE HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL is held during the seventh lunar month. In order to avoid seeing ghosts, people should not go outside at night. Celebrations liked weddings are not held. Some people refuse to go swimming to lessen the chance of a run-in with wayward ghosts. WHAT IF YOU DREAM OF GHOST & RELATED MATTERS?

  • Ghost – To dream of ghost indicates chances are, your soul really encountered one. In dream,must overcome him then only you realise.
  • Coffin – indicates that there is an emptiness in your life.
  • Buddha – To dream of Buddha indicates wealth, health, and happiness but if broken buddha indicates a death of a close relative or someone you love dearly.
  • Dying (yourself) – A good dream. Indicates awakening, new hope and happiness soon coming.
  • Candle – indicates future contentment and happiness.
  • Prayer – A wonderful dream.
  • Blood – indicates sickness. Becareful after this dream about your health.
  • Accident – To dream of an accident happening on you indicates that you will have an arguement. If you witness an accident it means that you will hear someone else argue. Also warns you to be careful so that you may avoid an accident.

Numbers – This dream indicates you are good luck.

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