Five Yellow Is Bad Luck

Dear friends, I would like to share the serious, worst or deadliest affliction of Five Yellow and 3 Killings take at the SAME PLACE ( Means double unfortunate) of West sector ( Compass 247.5-292.5) for this year 2015(7). West sector as in the chart attached is the Big 5.

When I say the seriousness, I mean of misfortune or adversity to take place for the occupants of the house, bad luck, accidents, illness, court case, death, arguments, huge money lost, disastrous and mishap to happen. 3 Killings means 3 misfortune to occur at the same time. Therefore this sector West need to do certain remedies to subdue the unforeseen bad energy or affliction to arise.

  • – Get a pail cannot be red in color and preferable white or blue to fill up 5 Kilo (or more) of Rock Salt and add in water to the level an inch or two above the salt. Put to the West corner. This is to counter the Five Yellow star.
  • – Next get 6 Mantra Medals “Protection and Prosperity Sanskrit/Mantra Medal” and 3 Celestials or 2 Chi Lin to put together with the pail salt as shown in the picture. Make sure the Celestials or Chi Lin facing to the West.
    3 Celestials or 2 Chi Lin can be purchased from the World of Feng Shui by Master Lillian Too. 6 Mantra Medals can be collected from my office.
  • – Salt 5 Kilo pail with open up cover, 6 Mantra Medals and the Celestials/Chi Lin to put at the West corner whole year through till next before coming of Lap Chun next year Feb 2016.
  • – Putting to the West make sure no colour of Earth colour or fire like red, pink, orange, purple corner as it represents fire. Kitchen maybe a West corner and represent fire too, therefore you may or may not necessary apply the above method but you may use the 6 Mantra Medals and additional of metal pot, pans, kitchen utensil to put at this West as metal to subdue to chi or you may do it upstairs with the method.
  • – If we will to sit there, make sure we our face facing the West and not back with the West. Not to sit will be much far better.
  • – These method above apply to your office too, your upstairs living hall or your sleeping room or rental room. Room and rental room especially at the West corner.
  • – Prepare another 2 pails of the same size 5 Kilos salt for the Small 2 and Small 5. A vinegar and a red object of red mat/carpet/red packet ang pau.. Will tell you more next tomorrow…
  • – See the chart and you will know it’s for the month of 4th Feb till 5th March 2015(7). Will keep you update every month with this chart to those that don’t have one. You may have the hard copy if you are attending my next coming again Splendid 20157 New Year Talk this 8th of March at Hotel Soleil KL…Book your seat now as it is limited seat.
  • – If it is a toilet or store room in the West corner, then apply it outside of their door besides as they may still in the position at the West.
  • – West corner cannot be interrupted with noise like TV, Radio, fan, renovation or movable objects. Neighbour or in front house having any renovation or construction work can be overcome with the 6 Mantra Medals.

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