Found a turtle..

ON FACEBOOK COLUMN…Hi! Marinah.. we found a baby turtle in the drain outside my house compound. It is not thrown normal turtle that people normally set free in temple. The color is beige with black rings. My family members advised me to set it free but it is still very young that i’m worried it may become a bait for other larger reptile. What is your advice? What is the sign if there is a turtle came to my house compound? Tq.
Marinah’s 1st replied :
Very good omen to have turtle to come into your house. Let him free but if the size is like a 50cent only then you don’t yet. But if the size about 2 size of 50cent, you may let go of him already. You may let go him at a small lake rather than a big lake to avoid big reptile come for him. Buy some numbers, you may strike numbers especially on your address number and the numbers you saw on his small body. When you buy numbers, make sure buy 3 places too – Magnum, Toto and Kuda. Good luck to you!!
Fb friend : Tq for your advice. have a good weekend.
Marinah’s 2nd replied : Your number really came 1st prize 3 numbers in Toto 3666..Did you buy it? Did you see the numbers 666 on the turtle’s body? I saw and bought 6668 and not 666 behind..what a waste!! I saw your little turtle at your fb corner.

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