Horoscope 2012 ( Dog ) 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

LUCKY NUMBER 258, 582 or 825 (Begin with your year birth, example 1946
= 1 + 9 + 4 + 6 = 20 = 2, so your lucky number 258) Date of birth 12-1-1946, day of 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, So total lucky number 3258.
Dog in 2012 of the Black Water Dragon
will feel relaxed, he will be determined for an active, long-term work. For
2012, Dog will have as much material and social benefits as how much he can
earn and take in his life. The favorable position of the planets throughout
2012 will help the Dog in affairs, turning them in such a way that even
problems and difficulties will become launching pads for his further success. A
representative of this zodiac sign should not fidget about and think twice –
decisions must be taken accurately, quickly and decisively.

Dog’s utmost honesty, ability to communicate and get along with people will
enable him be a full member of a team. He can manifest himself in a social
work, successfully engage in creativity and art. The Dog will be able to well
organize a business, he might think about creating his own business, even if
before then he was just an ordinary employee. A representative of this zodiac
sign possesses the qualities of tenacity and hard work. Dog will move forward
despite all difficulties, and can easily bypass all his rivals, even not having
too much ambition and zeal for victory. Although in the year 2012 of the Black
Water Dragon is not an all-out one for the Dog, the first few months will seem
frighteningly intense to him, he will be wary and suspicious of emerging
problems. Dog needs to calm down, and then he will be able to distribute his
energy properly, concentrate on his job, and boldly go forward. Advancing
decisively, a representative of this zodiac sign will see that problems and
difficulties are retreating, and clarity is coming into his affairs. In early
2012, Dog does not need to take on increased commitments because it is very
important to work out his own right work tactics during this period, and an
abundance of affairs may disorient him. In addition, the beginning of spring
2012 may bring confusion in a relationship with colleagues, and the Dog as a
truthful and honest man, will stand up for truth, risking to get caught in a
protracted conflict. In spring, Dog can actively engage in creative work,
organization of events, and training. He may manifest himself in establishing
partnerships and diplomatic negotiations. In the summer of 2012, Dog will
actively work. Work in the field of art, design, and architecture will
particularly be flourishing. In summer, the Dog will turn to spiritual
practices, will want to engage in psychology and esotericism. In autumn, a
representative of this zodiac sign will receive a significant development of
his affairs, his work will acquire the necessary acceleration and will give him
time for a little respite. This period will bring Dog significant dividends, if,
before that, he was active in work and deliberately searched for his success.
The end of 2012 is the perfect time to take stock, the Dog must carefully
analyze his mistakes and make the necessary conclusions for the future. The end
of 2012 may bring a flattering offer of a new post or even a new job to a Dog
who is an employee, he can begin to change his life, not waiting until the end
of 2012.

In 2012, the Dog will carefully be engaged in the issue of organization of
his/her personal life, because it needs support, a sturdy rear, a faithful and
reliable person beside him/her. A single dog will try everywhere to have
success, he/she will start romantic affairs, easily entering into a
relationship, and just as easily abandoning them in favor of new, more vivid
ones. Such an attitude toward feelings and attitudes can console Dog’s
self-esteem, but does not suit his personal happiness, and thus a
representative of this zodiac sign should be more serious and selective. In
spring, a married Dog will be engaged in home and family affairs, but in
summer, his/her relationship with a partner may witness some tension,
annoyance, and dissatisfaction with each other. A single Dog in summer will be
too busy with him/herself to pay attention to the feelings of others. Autumn is
a beautiful time for creation of a family, love confessions and sorting out
issues in a relationship. This period should be used to create, finally, such a
relationship of which the Dog dreams.

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