Horoscope 2012 ( PIG ) 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

LUCKY NUMBERS : 369, 693 or 936 (Begin with your year birth, example 1947
= 1 + 9 + 4 + 7 = 21 = 3, so your lucky number 369) Date of birth 12-1-1947, day of 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, So total lucky number 3369.
The Pig would be happy to enjoy all the
benefits and opportunities of the year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon. For him,
it would be a good time full of victories, good work, and most importantly – of
material prosperity. The Pig is an open, cheerful and good-natured zodiac sign.
He will be the darling of his owner in 2012 because he loves to help others in
need and people, he is generous, willingly shares all he has, and invites
visitors. But even in spite of the favorable trends of 2012, Pigs can remain
indifferent to the many opportunities, being carried away by funny holidays,
and not noticing the boring but necessary work.

From the earliest days of 2012, the Pig should take the right direction in his
activities so that later he doesn’t rush to search a path. A representative of
this zodiac sign, which long ago is tired of his main work should, however,
well think out a decision to change it, because in early 2012, he is unlikely
to meet a decent job offer. From the earliest days in 2012, it is necessary to
accumulate fund, all financial transactions may be too risky, they should be
postponed to a later time. The Pig should not fall into boredom or worse – into
a depression. He will be successful in social work, charitable activities, may
engage in creative work, always having a clear and firm purpose before himself.
He cannot be kept in a place, the Pig should always move forward, and there is
no need to force things. For a good heart, the Black Water Dragon will make his
a favorite in 2012, and all that is required from him is to manage affairs well
and cordially greet all those who meet him on the way. Good partnerships, which
will be built by Pig, will help him protect his business from external attacks,
and a Pig who is an employee will find it easier to work if his team will
respect and fully support him in his affairs. It must be noted that many will
not recognize Pig – he will change in early 2012 under the favorable influence
of the planets. Long running affairs can cause Pig to be frustrated, and he
runs the risk of leaving them unfinished, when many of them still have very
good prospects. In early 2012, it will be right to solve all the old problems
that impede his path. In the spring of 2012, difficulties can make Pig seek for
radical changes to his activities, and he may even try to do it, if projects
were carefully planned earlier. He shouldn’t rush into the murky depths of
affairs spontaneously – Pig risks losing all that he has by succumbing to
momentary weakness. In spring 2012, teamwork and the field of communication
will receive the greatest flowering, Pig should do everything to keep
relationships with colleagues and friends, often turn to them for help and
support. Summer is a perfect time for achieving goals. For this period, Pig can
work out his professional ambitions and acquire flexibility and lability. He
should not trust random people in a serious professional matters or financial
affairs – with wide sociability and natural trustfulness, Pig can easily become
a victim of fraud or scam. In autumn, Pig will have lots of affairs, he can
find an additional source of income or develop a basic business, and engage in
business expansion. The Pig who is an employee may begin his career or think
about a solo business. The end of 2012 will be very favorable for his most
ambitious undertakings.

Pig’s personal life will not be quiet, but it will certainly be a happy one, if
a representative of this zodiac sign will not engage in public activities to
the detriment of a romantic relationship with a partner. If the relationship of
the spouses has outlived itself, and the partners have come to a mutual
decision to part, it’s best to do so right now, in early 2012. Because spring
will bring Pig a landmark meeting that will begin a new and promising romantic
relationship. In summer, the relationship between the partners will have a
favorable development, but the Pig must not be too picky and pedantic so as not
to provoke tension. Autumn is a good time for meetings, a single Pig can easily
find his/her love and will be ready for long-term romantic relationship.

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