Know Your Favourite Colour

Know your personality from your favourite Color: It is interesting to know that the color you like most gives some clues about your personality. Please choose one or more of the following colors to which you are attracted most.

Red color Green color Yellow color! Blue color
Brown color Orange color White color Black color
Gray color Violet color Pink color Mixed color

You are highly dominating and aggressive. Your opinions will be very strong. Your likes and dislikes will affect your future because many may not agree with them. You will express in straight forward manner and sometimes not understanding others’ feelings. You have excellent recuperative powers and hence you will recover quickly from illhealth. Tensions for everything is common in your case. You should control anger and speed. You should develop peace of mind and diplomacy.

You are an excellent communicator. You can express your feelings effectively either by speech or by writing. You like to work with mind rather than with body. Short journeys will appeal to you. Sometimes you will change your decisions suddenly and hence people see two different personalities in you. Sometimes you are prone to mental illusions and susceptible for insomnia. You should take care of your digestion system and nerves. Restlessness and inner tensions should be controlled. It is better do some meditation to calm your mind.

You have sunny and cheerful disposition. You are optimistic and diplomatic. You will be prone to philosophy and spiritualism. You would pursue paths for enlightenment. You will have friends who give good advice and guidance. You are mentally alert but physically you are a bit lazy. You are a good manager and leader. Since you see always the bright side of the life, you are easily cheated by others. You should control pride and manipulative nature.

You are honest and disciplined. You love to be called hardworking person. You see the dark side of the life and do not want to take any risks. You want a stable career and income. You carry any work very slowly but methodically. You would generally have a good skill at calculations. You want to keep your mind always at peace. You want to be alone and try to avoid people around you. You would be highly religious and sentimental. You should cultivate better communication with the people around you.

You are matured in your thoughts and very stable in your views. You are unshaken in your decisions. You will have a good amount of energy which makes you to do any work with calm and stableness. You try to give utmost quality in all of your undertakings. If someone puts fingers in your work, you will readily leave that project. You want to procure stable job and immovable assets. You have a lot of patience and understating. However you should develop relations with others and try to mix with them.

You are sociable and will have many friends. You are having creative nature and you can generate new ideas and concepts easily. You are artistic and enjoy fine arts. You build relations easily, often with opposite sex. You are willing to take risks in your profession and also in your investments. Generally there would be liking of children and pets. You are a bit proud. At some point of time, you will have connection with Government sector. You cannot keep secrets and talk continuously. You should keep your heart pure and childlike.

You want to be pure in mind and heart. You are childlike and do not want to think ill about others. You will have an interest in true knowledge. You are impartial in your judgment and generally keep your mind at peace. You are fond of good food and drinks. You are fickle minded and change your mind very quickly. A sort of attachment to your home and mother is seen. You are prone to become lazy. Your ideals should have a practical base otherwise you may become a failure.

You are highly reserved and critical in your mind. You do not mix with others easily and you will have fewer friends. You feel depressed often since you always see the dark side of the life. You are serious at mind and could not communicate properly with others. You may not understand others’ feelings many times. There would be an interest in religion, mysticism and uncommon activities. You should develop cheerfulness and try to improve your communication.

You are practical and down-to-earth. You can take very good decisions in business and money earnings. You can easily read the minds of people. There would be extremism in your psychology. Some times you are stubborn and cling to wrong decisions. You will have great expectations on many things in life and infact you will work towards achieving them. You will exhibit that you are cool and highly intelligent. You will have a good dramatic talent and you are a natural actor. At some point of time, you will involve into scandals and litigation. However you should control depression and gloomy nature.

You have a peculiar interest in mysticism, spiritualism and cosmic phenomena. You feel invisible and subtle energies flowing around you. You will have an inner ambition of getting some super-human powers. Some of you may become natural healers. Your inner energy needs you to do some social and spiritual service. Sometimes you tend to be gloomy and wanted to avoid people around you. If you do not get guidance in spiritual matters, you will waste your inner potentials and lead an ordinary life.

You are eccentric in many things. Sometimes you love people very much and sometimes you feel real love does not exist in the world. You are highly attracted by nature and sometimes lose your self in beautiful scenery. You feel your soul is uplifted when you are in good mood. You are prone to get addicted to alcohols. Too much trust in others should be avoided. There will be a liking for spirituality. You should control taking everything to heart easily. If you are frivolous, develop serious attitude.

Your mind vacillates and you will not stick to any particular decision. Lower instincts will dominate you at a particular stage in life. You will not heed to any body’s words. There will be interest in religion, mantra and tantra. Generally there would be confusion in mind which leads to wrong decisions. Health will be dissatisfactory. You are prone to psychic practices like clairvoyance. You should overcome false beliefs and try to understand the minds of people around you. You should also think in more practical way.

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