Karma Debts Over Her Date Of Birth

She is so worried to fall in love again as for these many years she always fall in love to the wrong guys. She just wanted to confirm with tarot cards reading if this guy can be real with her? As she just don’t want to waste her time anymore.. First I analysed into her Numerology date of birth, and told her she can be attracted to many supporters and many people likes her. She…

Life Suffering Due To The Hold Back Of Grudges And Hatres

UNCONSCIOUSLY SHE GROWS HER HAIR VERY LONG IS TO PROTECT HERSELF BEING HURT OR BULLIED AGAIN.. Happy that she told me she dreamt of me few days ago, she dream needed to have a Tarot cards reading session with me and she did it today! I told her it was the arrangement by her Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin..She told me she has one at home and show me her Goddess at whatsapp video call….