Tai Sui 2015

This Chinese Lunar Year 2015 (7), Offending annual year Tai Sui Deity will be residing at South West (1) corner (202.5-217.5) of the house and no knocking, noise, harming, drilling or construction work to be done there the whole year through, is an extremely powerful and no one dare to offend him this Duty God.

Its a belief that its can bring a big change to person’s life that offending him this year and most time not so favourable in term of career, business, relationship, health, emotional, judicial case, accident and loss of money, but somehow we can overcome the stress by doing more charity work, stay low profile, have faith, make yourself travel, positive attitude to stay through the year and do some preparation for the next coming year of 2016. Those zodiac animals sign that offending him this year will be Goat, Ox, Dragon, Dog and Rat., advisable to offer this Tai Sui Deity prayers at any Tai Sui in temple, make your wish sincerely for improvement of health, luck, wealth, prosperity, family safety and helpful mentors supports. Simple as providing your name, age of birth and address to the temple with Tai Sui God. Some monk or helper of the temple will help you out into this Tai Sui ritual for you. You may make the prayer on the 19th of Feb of first day of Lunar New Year. If you miss it, you may do it anytime at your soonest at the beginning of the year, the good time will be 9am till 1pm. Then the best day in a year to do the prayers ( not compulsory but if can will be much better) based from the Chinese Lunar calendar will be the 1st day and 15th day of the month. Good luck, being well protected at all time and stay good in you!


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