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Ann Ann from Penang, Malaysia

I consulted Marinah in many aspect of my business matter. One of the huge changes is my company “Name Card”. After changing the Feng Shui and colour, It increases the flow and circulation, as i kept giving it out to new clients, prospect customers, etc. I can manage to give out 200 name cards in 2 weeks! Amazing! I sincerely thank Marinah for her assistant.


Lily from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marinah did an analysis on my mobile number, birth date & office address. I find her analysis is very accurate based on the fact of her analysis on my business, relationship & character.I really thanked Marinah for her generous sharing and I believe knowing our lucky colors and NUMBERS, will definitely help us in improving our life.

Lester Lam from Penang, Malaysia

Your invaluable help gave me the support i needed and helped me set my mind straight about my particular problem and also gave me unexpected confidence about my life direction in general. Many of the things you predicted have come true and I trust and respect you as a person of integrity adn a serious professional. I have consulted you since and sent you other clients (all very pleased) and will continue to do both. Warmest regards.


Chih Peng from Penang, Malaysia

To me, Marinah is more like a friend rather than a consultant. I was touched by her sincerity in helping people. It amazed me when Marinah has managed to detail out few incidents happening to me and since then she is like mentor to me. I recommended friends including my boss to her and all are happy and satisfied. My days are better now and I know what I want to pursue in my life. Again, my sincere thanks to Marinah, cheers.

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Marinah, how are you? Since changing the namecard and name, our business grew 40%!!! Thanks! Are you on Twitter? I think you can leverage it in your business effectively. I f you dont know, let me know how i can help you.

Willing Tan from Penang, Malaysia –

Your consultation have help my business alot. Everyday seem to have customers. Thank U & May God Bless U!!!

JooLee from Penang, Malaysia –

I consulted Marinah mid of last year in Butterworth after recommendation by my auntie from Canberra, Australia. It’s actually my first time having someone to calculate my birthdate,mobile,car and house number. Most of her analysis were pretty accurate and it really shocked me at first.

She also did tell me my lucky numbers, colours and days which in a way can help to boost my confidence in a long run. Some things that she mentioned also came true, later part of the year. The remedies that she shared helped me a lot in life and i can see changes. It made me a better and more positive person.

I really can’t thank her enough for bringing such beautiful things to me in life. I would like to say a million thanks for making my life more meaningful. Wishing her the best of luck in whatever she does.

Elain Tan from Selangor, Malaysia –

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge on numerology with me. I appreciate it a lot.I believe in numerology and I never knew the big impact it could have on our lives.

Anyway, after you gave your advice, I went home and did exactly as told.

To my surprise, within a day and since than, my wife’s temper has mellowed down so much.

My wife’s temper can be quite bad as her character is such that everything has to be done her way or no way.Every time, she throws her temper, there was no way we could ever come to a resolution as she will not speak to me at all. Today, I am able to talk openly with her and come to a resolution. That’s great.Thanks, Marinah and I look forward to greater things to happen in my life. Blessings to you and your family always

Ong T.C from Penang, Malaysia –

I would like to forward my sincere thanks & gratitude for yr wonderful sharings, assistant and excellent job done of helping me & also many other Friends & Associates! Well Done Marinah, Keep Up The Great Job! Syabbas!

Well! After consultation by beg. April and with all the necessary action taken. I really follow through yr sweet, meaningful instructions and to wear the lucky colours of dresses as suggested by you without fail. Believe it or not? Real amazing! The result is tremendous which is also out of my own expectation, my business has been pouring in almost everyday eventhough I haven’t get my new name cards, unexpected friends start calling up, wow! this is something unusual and shocked me. Heh….heh… Believed more good news to be on the way soon.

Strongly believed with open mind of allowing, accepting new ideas or things (e.g Numerical calculation, change of name/cards, lucky colours, feng sui etc..) will help to change our life and to make a different.

Sherine Teh Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia –

Wah lau eh my dear lian lui, don’t play2 loh believe your your lucky color of dresses also work for me lah! I betol2 follow yr instruction, daily also got sales, Sunday also non-stop customer. Call in himself after 1 year, wow! Tak boleh tahan to inform that u did a great job n is amazing, when r u free for good lunch? Once again, million thanks for your advice and excellent service lian lui, closed RM100K this morning. Bye.

Sally Teng (anonym) Penang, Malaysia –

My dear lian lui, betol2 exciting lately. another RM15K today..Heh..Heh.., Finish pakai all baju2 according to your advice, what colours for the next fm tmrow? Pls advice if u don’t mind bye

Sally Teng (anonym) Penang, Malaysia –

Testimonial from sms dated 10/10/09..Marinah, how are you? Since changing the namecard and name, our business grew 40%!!! Thanks! Are you on Twitter? I think you can leverage it in your business effectively. I f you dont know, let me know how i can help you.

Willing Tan Penang, Malaysia –

Marinah, thanks for the wonderful and sincere wishes. I wish you success upon success when you become famous internationally i can look back and say i knew you personally and proadly so. Tq 4 all your help and your priceless friendship. I see you got website up. I check it out soon.

Garry Chew, Penang, Malaysia –

Really thanks a lot for your advise , as now i just got a new job this few days back.., i am a Manager at a newly opened club at xxxxx, which is call “xxxxx” , the boss has trusted me in handling the whole operation of the club, so basically i run the whole show of the club and boss has also given me the keys and cash for the operation of the club. Things looks good so far, besides the long working hours which is about 16 hrs a day, but i do enjoy my job now..and i also do have strong support from the managers and owners from other clubs on giving me valuable advises.

I would really like to thank you on the advise of the mirror and my name to, i am wearing the pendant that i got from you, and always will…, i wish you all the best to over there and hope that everything goes smooth for you to, do take care and have a good rest there..God Bless 🙂

Jordian Raj, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia –

Firstly,  i would like to thank to my friend, Si Ling who introduce Marinah to me last 2 week ( 28/2/2010).After i meet up Marinah , she teach me and giving me a lot of help and success in a short time. My clients start refer me a business during this period, at the end i manage to close 2 cases at 1 time. Thanks alot for the lucky date , lucky no and lucky color that i always apply on it when meeting my client. I am feel so grateful and happy get to know you. i will share it with all my friend and my love clients. Once again thank to you.

Vivian Chong, Selangor, Malaysia –

I have never believed in luck till I met Marinah a year ago in a business associates gathering .She gave me another thought about how to change our personal life with a proper matching of number around us .

I was impressed after gave her a few numbers that I possessed and she gave me a shocking feedback that are way beyond my imagination. She has guided me along the way and interpreted the downfalls and obstacles which can be avoided if proper allocation of numbers are used or attached in our life.

I have also consulted her on my business card layout and name as well and till then my luck , faith and business has improved dramatically . Of course , the success also has to come from individual effort and hardwork. However , the changes that I have made after consultation has given a very positive move throughout the journey .

I believed she is a good person to get advice with if you wish to have a better life from now on ! Good luck

Nick He, Penang, Malaysia –

Marinah, thank alot, finally i manage to close a 2 cases at 1 time. I willing to share my happiness with u. U r the best one. tq tq

Anonymous, via SMS –

Dear Marinah, i’ve been checking out your free lucky colors and have been benefiting from it. However u didn’t mention today’s lucky color on your website as u only mention colors from 22 to 28 April. Mind telling me? Thanks so much. I’ve followed your advice to wear pink and red yesterday and i’ve closed a big deal! Have a safe journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous, via SMS –

I am doing good, I think God bless me a lot lately. I think the most valuable lesson I learn from you is not only on the power of the numbers, but the mindset. Keep our mind positive will attract good things. Let go unhappy stuff and learn to appreciate things happen around me. Be thankful everyday and wonderful things will happen. You also introduce me tarot card aunty and she also helps me a lot. So I applied both of your concept. Do good, feel good and everything will be fine.

I am still with this company, I am lucky enough to have a good manager. I have 3 times increment since last year (But in different percentage of coz). She send me to enroll in an Internet Marketing online course from January to March 2010.

In addition to that, I may continue to take MBA (2 years) in USM. Anyway, I just find out that I can try my luck with DBA (which is Doctorate level of MBA (4-5 years)) because I am a Master degree.

Again, I discuss with my manager and she said she will propose the budget to higher level of management and should be no problem to fund my whole course. I am soooooo……… happpppppy to hear that. I am very lucky to have all these with me. USM is near, financial is bear by my company and what I need to do is put effort to achieve what I aim for.

Actually I introduce some friends to you, but some of them stop when they heard that they need to spend around ~RM500 to get the consultation and pendants. Well, I think it worth much more than anything. It is not only for the pendants, but it is for mindset refresh, learn new value and learn to appreciate our life. I say thanks to my husband because he get your namecard from PISA and this is how I know you. Knowing you is one of the best thing happen in my life! 🙂

Alicia, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia –

Thank you for advising me for the Chinese name changes. It really help to change the energy after 3 months time.I have found my love and feel like a different person in relationship after your consultation. I think it works andI am sure a lot more ladies out there will find your consultation powerful and transformational. Thank you onceagain and may happiness and love always with you as well!

Evelyn Ch’ng, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia –

I am practising the remedies you taught me and now got 2 referrals yesterday.Very Good sign already. I’m asking another close freind of mine to go as well. Will kee you posted. Thank you Marinah.

SL, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia –

Thanks again for a great session yesterday! I’ve already changed the phone to 013-xxxxxxxx I think its good, don’t you? Also, if i dun have the colour you requested me to have. Can i use my mum purse? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again.

A.A, Selangor, Malaysia –

Marinah is a great numerologist, very accurate, especially when it come to making extra income. I am still fascinated about the prediction Mariana give me on my old mobile no. Give it a try. Worth it !!!

Rosaline Kong, Singapore –

Hi Marinah, I love your tips, I have used your methods, in my home i have did what i have been told by you, in order to apply the system into my life and before really i rearrange everything in my life.. I have foreseen miracles within this few days. Everything in my life started to completely change for the good, I was amazed and I would continue to follow your excel wisdom and your extraordinary.

And is all I can say “WOW” I am impressed ….Looking forward to be at your next seminar in Hong Kong!

Thanks so much, Kisses and big hugs.

S.Leong, Hong Kong –

Thanks to your consultation, my time has been turning to be so busy, meeting with new potential clients in Hong Kong, visiting potential markets, such as Mainland China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan.

When I visited Fu Zhou, China, a couple of days ago, I suddenly felt BIG Energy soon after arriving huge development site, and told to my partners, here is the place, we have to do big, big business and they were astonished why I suddenly talked like this, so I explained that I do not know why, but feel strong energy here.

I am visiting Cambodia on next Tuesday, and one project has been suspended for a half year, but just recently I happened to talk this project to my Japanese friends, one of them is from Japan, then thing started happening immediately and we decided to visit the site in Cambodia in order to make this project much bigger

After your consultation, BNI business referrals started coming much more than before, and I have been meeting people, some are totally new guys, time to time, which make me more and more busier

When I joined BNI regular meeting last week, one of members came to talk to me and said that my face changed and more attractive, unfortunately this guy is man, but it is strange to hear like this, so

I explained your consultation, who is Mr Saito and coming to your seminar on October 13, 2010

Thanks to your consultation, I can not meet you on October 13, but sure to meet you after coming back from Vietnam/Cambodia and talk to you what’s happening again

Looking forward to seeing you on 16th, meanwhile wishing you could do big consultation and help business people move forward to get big energy

And is all I can say “WOW” I am impressed ….Looking forward to be at your next seminar in Hong Kong!

Thanks so much, Kisses and big hugs.

Tom Hisano, Hong Kong –

Hello Marinah, I want to share with you how happy I am after I change my cell phone number! Almost a year ago, you helped me to analysis my previous cell phone number, you mentioned that my previous cell phone number bring me double money luck, but phone bill is high at the same time. Normally, each call require action items and sometimes it will affect my mood as I need to complete an action items in no time. I still remember I was stagger by your words because your analysis describe my situation at that particular moment. In fact I was working as freelancer and I always get very fussy customers, they keep changing their mind about their decision which makes me hard to complete the project within the schedule timeline.

After I change my cell phone number, I was hoping for better part time business… And I am totally wrong with my assumption. Things do not go as expected… my part time business is getting less and less. However, I received wages increment and my full time salary are somewhat more than my previous total income! It is amazing and I think this is the power of the number. This number helps me to attract easy money and reduce all the hassles and hard earn money. Right now I can fully devoted my time into my full time work and my manager is please with my results. Today, I have more time for my family and time to spend for my hobby.

Thank you Marinah, you are such a wonderful friend and always give me a terrific advise and help. You are very different from ordinary Feng Shui or Numerology Master. You always teach me to do good things, help people, be kind. In addition, you give me real example what kinds of help I can offer to other people, you guide me to do the right things right! 🙂

Thank you Marinah!!!

HS, Penang, Malaysia –

Good afternoon to you Master Marinah Ng, I would like to take an opportunity to said thank you to you for your kind advised in help me changing my both chinese name n christian name in year 2009.

Before that I m just as part time home tuition teacher n my students per year just around 3-4 student. After I changed my name in Sept of 2009, in year 2010 I start giving tuition in tuition centre and my students increase to around 32 students.

My students not only increase rapidly, theirs exam result also very well. Sometimes even we are hardworking n have knowledge, but if we lack of luck also difficult for us to success. I am glad that my students get excellence result. thanks you so much…..

Master Marinah Ng beside you advised me to changed my name, you also help to me to get a new handphone number and my business growing after keep receiving calls from parents. All your analysis on my past handphone number was so very accurate with what had happened on me before..

Thanks a lot.. wish you all the best

Kendrick Koid, Penang, Malaysia –

,i feel so much luckier after following ur lucky color daily.. everything wen smoothly.. like is being plan ahead… thanks marinah..

Jennifer Ooi, Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia –

I just want to tell you i ve completed my 100days chinese name writing without fail. My yoga business is getting on well..i hv reached a target of 30 personal students in less than 2months. Trying to achieve 20 more b4 june. Just want to say thanks for your guidance and help..i wish you joy and blesssings from my sincere heart♥

Callie, Penang, Malaysia –

I was really upset with my family at our last appointment, so disappointed with my wife, I wonder how I can treat her better since we honey moon, I try very hard for seven years, nothing improve. She is a very hot temper woman to me and she is the only human being who have a chance and dare to rude to me, when I complain about her working attitude in the company, she said she want to resign, when I complain her attitude at the family, she want to divorce me, so what I can do is just tolerate her, but this won’t help to solve the problem but getting worse each year.

Until the day I meet you, I was already decided to face the challenge, no matter what going to happen, I want to change, and luckily, I choose to see you to discuss about my problems, and you advice me do not give up easily, and something really shocked me is you ask me about one mistake if I have ever do in my life, and give me the solution to overcome it and certain numbers to put in my house. Even I feel so hopeless, I know I will give my self a chance to try no matter I believe it or not, so, I just do it.

Really by surprise, just right after I have done what you have taught me to do, miracle happened, she actually give me a new family and my kids really have a new mom again, she love me so much and take so good care of my kids, this is what I dream of for years.

Sincerely thank you so much for you have safe my family. Now, we are very harmony and loving family as what I ever wish from the first day I marry her, thanks again…..thank you very much

Alex Cheah, Penang, Malaysia –

Hi, my name is Calliennae. For me, Marinah is more like a friend rather than a consultant, for each time i see her, the sincerity in her touches me and she never hesitate to walk the extra mile. I have been a yoga instructor for more than eight years but felt that my life is stuck in a rut..driving from one gym to another teaching class after class. It’s the driving and not the teaching that exhausted me because i love my job.

This year before CNY i seeked for Marinah’s help as i wanted to start my own business and teach from home. I listened to her advise..i changed my english name to Calliennae, my chinese name as well and of cos not forgetting my name card and mobile no. With her advise, i wrote my chinese name for one hundred days to vibrate it without fail. My goal was to have at least a total number of thirty students of my own by end of June 2011, amazingly i reached this goal last month and it all happened in three months. Of cos it’s done with a lot of effort but up till this day my number of students are still growing and almost reach double very soon. It’s amazing when you can do with the right instructions and advise from Marinah..

Thanks to Marinah, i am now leading a much less stressful lifestyle due to less driving from class to class but most of all i enjoy teaching from my home at Greenlane and i can see my goals turning into a reality.

Thank you Marinah dear and may God bless you in abundance

Calliennae Hor Huey Ling, Penang, Malaysia –

Dear Marinah,

Hi Marinah, i’m Wong Mei Yee. i know Marinah is through one close friends of mine. After the consultation from Marinah, she manage to change a lot of thing in her life. She become more and more successful in her life. I were so surprise of the changes of her, so i decided to see Marinah. To me, the 1st impression of Marinah is she is a modern pretty Women that i cant believe she is a numerologist.

After the consultation from Marinah, my best friend decided to take a full package on next day. Again, i see the immediately effects on her, her business got a lot of changes, she manage to close a big deal that she never thought before. So, I decided to bring my mother along to get consultation from Marinah. Marinah is so kind as she did not to force us to get full package, She is really want to help people. And I were so surprised that my mum willing to pay me for changing my Chinese Name. After i got my Chinese Name, Marinah teach me how to enhances my energy of my name by written them. She ask me to wrote 10 times per day. The next day, i started to write my own name for 50 times, and same with the following 2 days.

I CAN’T BELIEVABLE!! Only 3 days time, i got a big surprised from my dad. I did mention to Marinah that actually the relationship between me and my dad is not that close. Sometimes, he even din answer me when i’m calling him. He always show his “black face” to me and same as to my boy friend. The changes is like a blinking of eyes, i come back home as usual on the 3rd day, then he suddenly ask me want to eat anything or not? i were shocked because he never did that to me before. He will only ask my sister how is her day and so on. But today, he not even ask me want to eat anything, he also waiting me to go to buy food together with him. Suddenly i feel so touch and i never felt that before. That is so AMAZING, Marinah.

After few day, my mum give me money again to change our house number. With stick few different numbers that Marinah has calculate for us,then now i can share with you another miracle thing. One of the immediately effect is my mum and dad din’t quarrels from the day of changing number until now. Besides, me and my sister suddenly got an opportunity to study in UK with sponsor from one of my cousin and we are provided a shelter from one of my sister primary’s friend. We are so lucky can get blessing from our relative and friends. Where else we never ever thought this opportunity will come to us. i were so happy and really have to say thank you to Marinah.

We have a new life begin soon. I will do better and better in my future. Once again, i would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to MARINAH.We were become more and more successful with the guiding from Marinah. We will help more and more people who may need our help.

Wong Mei Yee, My Closet Boutique, Bangkok Lane, Penang, Malaysia –

Hi , my name is Shilyna teh su lin . I have been a Reyoung body designer and also selling heater element product for more than one year but felt that is not running smooth and have alot of problem occurred. This year 26 MAY 2011 i seeked for Marinah’s help as i wanted to start my own business for reyoung and also want to selling heater element to factory.I listened to her advise..i changed my english name to Shilyna Teh Su lin my chinese name as well and of cos not forgetting my name card and mobile no. With her advise, i wrote my chinese name and English name and also 21 way to improve our energy. My goal was to have at least 16 people for Reyoung per month and 80k for my company sales per month too. Between on that time we was dealing with one big project for factory but it was amazingly after few day i done all those things That Marinah teach me. i was surprise to get the PO after few days only Of cos my boss was helping me alot to deal with customer but up till this day I feel it was running smooth everythings because my reyoung customer wear our Reyoung corset it really have a good result to Reshape their body size and few my customer try our reyoung corset they want to consider but few month after this they also suddenly come to me n buy from me. It’s amazing when you can do with the right instructions and advise from Marinah..

Thanks to Marinah, i am now leading a much leSs stressful lifestyle and i can see my goals turning into a reality. Is very happy can achieve my both side sales right Now!

Very Thank you Marinah and may God bless you in abundance.

Shilyna Teh Su Lin, Reyoung Body Designer, Penang –

Bad handphone number can affect the business, i just shared with a facebook fren about his bad hp number xxxxxxx and he terminated the hp number. I mentioned this hp number will make you going round and round and cannot expand your business, supporters will become your enemies due to jealousy and envies, supporters will come and go easily..and here is his feedback after terminated his hp number. His facebook message chat with me…

Infact it happen as wat u said before i terminate my hp number xxxxxx (got enemy stab my back) at my supplier bcos i got better credit terms (bigger limit/longer term) so they r not happy n stab me. my supplier almost stop supply to me….luckily after i terminate the line, things turn back n slowly to normal. Infact July i was so suffer due to the stabbing. My supplier ask me to settle all outstanding…so i hv to pay them all in July. n now 1 more weeks to go…july is my fren liao,,,, i am almost there….how susah pun i pay them all outstanding. Then they realise that they almost lose a good kaki…n now give me back all as before.

Shilyna Teh Su Lin, Reyoung Body Designer, Penang –

Hi Marinah,

Just to say hello and to update you on my life and my business pursuits so far after I change my name.

Things are getting smoother now even though I am now faced with one customer whom at first wanted to dump my Cleaning Contract Services with them. Instead, it ended up that I am the one who gave them my resignation letter and they have been persuading me to carry on with the Contract. Only now do the Management realize that I am running the services on a very tight string budget and have not shortchanged them on the quality of service.

Yesterday, I finally made a firm decision to quit this end of Aug. and I told them this is it.

The reason was bec. I want to give myself rooms for improvement on other businesses that you have recommended which is not so stressful on my life. I have finally made it a firm commitment to change my life for the better.

A word of “thank you ” for waking me up at this crucial time of my life when my children need me most and I must be around more often for them.I have also started using my company “WIDE SPECTRUM MARKETING” for my trading business and need your advice on new name card for this company. I don’t plan to have a logo on the card. Is it ok?

Kacty Lim, BMS Nobel Sdn Bhd –

I am a nurse who started working about seven months ago but since i started working in the hospital, i realised i got into the profession for the wrong reason. Yes it is recession proof. Do you know why? Because minus the gross explanation you do for patients and the shit you have to take from patients relatives, the working hour sucks like hell! You can say i am not prepared mentally nor physically so going to work daily itself was already a chore to me, i dreaded going to work and when it comes to night shift, the feeling was even worse..i felt like a dead fish and life no longer existed even though i am only 24years old.

My mom consulted Marinah last year and ever since, she had a great change in her life so she took me to see her. We did everything: bought the pendant, had both my English and Chinese name changed, my mobile number was changed too and of cos not forgetting the name writing daily to activate it. Truth to be told, i was a bit skeptical but amazingly, my transformation was so fantastic it happened the first week i wore the pendant numbers. The colleagues in my workplace started to treat me differently, mind you, i am not a conversationalist and neither do i know how to work the Matron’s heart..if you know what i mean. My desire was to work in the OT dept cos it works office hours and off weekends. People started talking to me and without apparent reason showed me the procedure to get to the OT (overtime) dept..btw big private hospital has never ending procedures. I had patients telling me straight in the face i looked different yet couldn’t describe the difference in words. Funny, yeah?

Less than a month later, i got myself involved in some kind of network marketing with a group of friends of my own age. We had fun and make monie at the same time but most of all, i have a change of priority now and a much more realistic goal and that is to work harder in my part time job, earn more to return my bond in one and a half year so that i can quit the shitty hours of nursing. It’s not easy cos i am on shiftwork but extreme as it may sound, i feel alert and energetic all the time..my mind is so focus even my mom worried i lack of sleep. The particular alertness i feel is due to the number changed in my name which my mom wanted badly but for some reasons Marinah said she couldn’t have it..till this day she is still complaining..lol!

I cant explain all in one simple testimonial cos the transformation is just unbelieveable! You have to see Marinah yourself to decide for your own future but with great thanks to Marinah and my mom’s persistency, i am now leading a much happier life.

Thank you Marinah dear and may you lead your life full of blessings in abundance.

Stephany, Greenlane, Penang –

Triancy Low HI there.. I am one of them that Marinah change.. My Christian Name from Trincy Low to Triancy Low… and also my chinese name.. The effect and changes it had on me was almost instant… My business is doing better, my life is improving so much more. I am looking forward to other changes in my life… BTW I am 35 this year, nvr once I bought 4D, and I did 2 weeks ago. heheheh I striked 2 days in a row… so I guess you can say my luck too has change… Good luck Sherena and Cindy.

Triancy Low, Penang –

Hi there, This is my life story that I’ll be sharing with you. I sincerely hope it can help anyone who have the same problems I faced. Things wasn’t that smooth at home early this year…. My parents were fighting, yelling all the time; the best part is they love fighting middle of the night, the screaming and tossing caused me sleepless nights. I’m constantly worried about them during my working hours as they practically can’t live under the same roof. With all the work stress and the pressure at home, I feel so helpless and was at the stake of mental meltdown….. A friend of mine introduced me to Marinah and I was skeptical at first but then there was no harm trying. First I changed my house number according to Marinah advise and guess what? By the time I came back from work, they were both watching TV at the living room TOGETHER! No argument, no screaming! Miracle! In addition, my dad always come home late and I’m always worry about him as he got into a few accidents due to bad eye sight. But after the change, he came home early every night since that day and I’m so glad he did! Other than my house no., I also changed my name for better luck! Somehow I felt more confidence and comfort in me and I believe there’s better things to come in near future! However I can assure you, nothing is better than a harmony, peaceful loving family like the chinese sayings ‘Harmony Brings Prosperity’! Thanks again, Marinah! Words cannot express how grateful I am! Thanks a million for all the advise and time shared! May your life be full of happiness and growing prosperity!

Cayrinnae Tan, Penang, Malaysia –

Hi I am Muni, a copywriter. I met Marinah just recently in March 2011 at the Penang International Property Fair in PISA. I was the booth manager for my exhibition booth, therefore, i did not have much time to go around the booths. A colleague of mine consulted Marinah and came back and shared about Marinah to all of us in the booth. I was curious- a person could change their lives for better just by changing their phone number? So, since curiousity got the better of me, I decided to see her and i was surprised when she told me about my phone number-what she said was correct. I thought why not just change it and see, no permanent harm done, except that i may lose my money if it doesn’t work- anyway, change doesn’t come without taking a risk, so, I asked her suggest new hand phone number. She did, and i am glad to say i have been seeing some positive results after i changed my phone number. For some people, the results are fast while for others it may be a little gradual, so don’t expect instant results and overnight miracles, but numerology has definately helped in little ways to enhance my life. Thank you.

Muni Bai Raja Ram –

Hi Marinah, good day to you. Thanks for helping me change my name based on my dob. Upon receipt of new name, I started written down in my diary book. I just did it for 9 days continously and today, an amazing thing happended. I suddendly got a call from my HR and they asked me whether i’m interested to be promoted at managerial level. So amazing. It is a good thing, absolutely! I am very suprise as the effect of changing new name can bring me good luck so fast. Marinah, I cant wait to get more good things happen in the near future. Thank you so much.

Mr. Sim, Public Bank Bhd –

Good day to you, Marinah. I went for my promotion interview and i Passed, and i will be ready to sail most probably next week joining my ship in Japan.

Thanks to you for changing my chinese name as well as my english name. now my Relationships are getting improved and i can see people surrounding me are different now, better!

I know i am not writing my names daily, but following what u said if miss out a day is not counted the times of writing, will discipline myself and keep up the good work.

Hope to see u again next year when i am back.

Zems Foong, Penang, Malaysia –

Dear Marinah,

Hey as promised, here is the testimonial that I promised you. Anyway to show my gratitude towards your sincere help, I hereby declare that my testimonial has nothing to do with the free lucky colour haha. I’m doing this sincerely as I really touched by how the way you council me and guide me all these while. This shows that your after sales service is very good!

At first when I got a call from you Marinah, whatever you spoke to me struck straight to my heart as if you knew everything even I didn’t see you before. That’s why I eagerly wanted to share this news to my boss as I would like to bring him up together. And true enough after getting consultation and remedies, my life changed. I got a lot of supporters along me when I need it the most as simple as when someone is planning to do something bad behind me, my supporters will be around me to remind me to be aware of incoming bad things. Even my big boss is giving me chances to take up more responsibility and promised me for readjusting my salary by next month.

After I got my lucky numbers, the changes comes in automatically and you can notice it on your own. Where as in for me, when I speak the people around me feel confident about my planning and willingly to support me. I also managed to sold my property after I changed my phone number where the agent contact me through my new phone number. Everything working very well if you are really serious in practicing the remedies as what Marinah taught.

Beside that, after practicing the remedies, my life changed into more love and happiness around. When love and happiness around me, a lot of things comes into my life so beautifully and miraculously. It was a great honour for me to meet you up, and you teach me a lot about positive energy and how to attract more good and positive things around you. I’m glad that my decision was right to choose to go ahead with the remedies.

I’m hereby would like to say thanks again to you, Marinah for changing my life into a better person. You’ve supported me a lot, and if you need any help in future, do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I would help anything that within my power.

Alexandrav, Penang, Malaysia –

Dear Marinah

First of all i would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet someone very special like you. I always wanting to have kids and so happen that i meet you and you shared with me some valuable tips on how to conceive.I tried your method and by the grace of God it worked after 4 years. Now i’m pregnant and i will be due next month. My hubby and I would really like to thank you so much for sharing your brilliant knowledge. God Bless you!

Jasmeet Kaur, Penang, Malaysia –

Dear Marinah,

‘I was under a lot of stress for the past few months. Everything seemed to be going wrong in my life. Everything I attempted met with failure, no matter how hard I tried. There were problems at work and at home. People I knew stopped talking to me for no reason, kept finding fault for minor things and made it a big issue, and also accused me of things I did not do. Suddenly, it felt like the walls were closing in on me. I knew something was terribly wrong but didn’t know what it was and what to do about it. I knew I had to do something fast or I will lose everything I have. Marinah has always been a good friend, so I called her and told her about what’s happening and she suggested I try her remedies. I did and amazing things started happening after that. I am not imagining this and neither am I exaggerating when I say suddenly everything went from bad to better, and this happened in a matter of days. One example is a client of mine owed me a large sum of money. I have been following up with him for the past two months for him to pay up with no luck. To my surprise, he suddenly paid up the whole sum after I practised the remedies. I was so happy!

What makes Marinah different is she is very sincere about helping people. I would recommend Marinah to everyone – not only to those who are going through a difficult time in their lives but also to anyone who wants to move ahead in their lives. Numerology is a powerful tool, but not all are adept in using this tool. As for me, I can confidently say, Marinah is the best. Thank you, Marinah and may God bless you with health, wealth, happiness and longevity always’.

Thank you very much B.Tan for your SMS dated 28 Mar 2012, wish you all the best in all your endeavours ) “Hi Marinah, happy to share I’ll be progressing to a new industry soon in June. Not sure if it’s cos of the name change. but in terms of vibration of the name, definately does feel more alignment n harmony with it. Outlook is positive, so looking forward to good things to come.

MUNISD, ( My recent new name created by Marinah ) –

Ok thanks so much but that’s some miracles after use the phone number as my emotion getting better and freelance job comes in few! Thanks again.

K.Koay, Real Estate Penang –

Thanks for the advise…..after your suggested name change for me, i have become more recognizable and assertive in my work space.

From a client on Facebook chat –

Hi Marinah

As promised. I will do for my wife name change. Your website has some error and cannot get through with the forms.

I will email you in return.

Marinah, I have recommended your service to my friends in china. And they are very much interested in your service.

Would like to know if you can the change of HP no in china mobile? as the numbers involved are like 10 digits.

And its differentiate in different areas. Tis they can provide you with information. All in there are 4 person that wants to do as a family.

2 male and 2 female. all china and taiwanese.

I recommend that they do only the main income holder and second in charged first.

Please let me know.

As for me. I hope for the better after the change of names and hp.

And significant changes has been seen. I will get your other services when I can afford more.

After I cleared all my other debts. I really see what your service can do marinah. And I really thank you a lot for this great help and enhancement that you gave me.

Thank you

Mr XXX, Singapore –

Dear Marinah,

This is my testi:

I met Marinah Ng, Master Numerologist last year when I joined BNI Achievers. Initially, I consult her on getting an auspicious car number plate as I was getting a new car. Back then, I consult her without fully believing the power of numbers. It was more of a business referral transaction to me. However, two months later, I realize that my network has expanded gradually. Apart from gaining new friends, these friends bring me substantial amount of business deals too.

By fate, two of my closest friends met Marinah on the BNI Visitor’s Day. Both of them were so blown away with her accurate analysis of their birthdays and names, they changed their names. After seeing my friends doing better in life, I too, decided to give it a try. Marinah transformed my name from Elin Chan Ee Leng to Aliyn Chan Ee Leng. Ever since I carry this name with me, I felt more positive towards life. I became more confident and competent at work, and my network of friends also expands. This is very important to me because I get more business opportunities while expanding my network.

On a personal note, Marinah is more like a friend and a mentor to me. I do feel that good lucks and good changes are happening to me. I have clearer sense of direction in my life path and I face it with confidence as Marinah always encourage me. I have been introducing my friends and family about the amazing help that Marinah has given me throughout the year and some of them have also consulted her. I am really grateful that I meet such an amazing master. Thank you Marinah !

Aliyn Chan, Director of Chan Brothers, also known as Chan Panel Beating Sdn Bhd –

Dear Marinah,

Warmest regards !

Sorry to interrupt you the other day regarding the matter. I must say you have predicted truthfully about what happening in my life, My friends and i had a mistrust among ourselves, this is the main reason DUE to FINANCIAL problems of the company. The only problem arise is because, there were many bosses, many ideas and selfish decisions. On the day i called you is because, my partners made decision all the sudden of eliminating me as their partner and without my concern. They said i am not helping the company to build profits rather than building reputation. In my opinion, i wanted to start the company with reputation in priority only than money will flow in time to come. However, my friends are planing to find any events just to make it happen and earn profit. I just could not be in the same company when there are disagreement and not satisfied among us. Although there are disthrust among us, to make things worst is everyone has their own thoughts, own power hunger, own greed and bias decisions. They did offer me a manager position after pulling me dow from partnership, but i refuse as i feel the guts of their intention of using me to do their events. Since then, I decided to withdraw myself to establish a new company, TODAY is the day i will be registering a new company. I am honor to work closely with MR Ong as he had shown me much values in life and how to run a company, I am still surrendering to work with him to learn more from an experience person like him. But it was your advice that made me do the decision to move away from problems. Btw, After changing my name to what you have given, My life changes, i become more wiser in making decisions, my life is closer to wealth and opportunity, about the rebellion * I almost turn into one* in class because of my lecture who gives bias marks, but some how i feel content. The name which you changed for me has changed my life to be a more stable person! I even end up a good relationship with a girl recently where she is very nice and sweet, her name is Gee Ai Zjin. I must say, you impress me !

I do have plans for the future in regarding this enterprise, it’s objective will link more to networking, entrepreneurship and sharing with society. The reason i need to form a company is because i’m determine to join GLOBAL student Entrepreneurship Awards for year 2013, one of the criteria i need to fulfil is to have 6 months of company in terms of proprietorship or partnership. It has always been my vision for a company, but it didn’t work out in P Dreams. I will share more details with you after my course during June. Do not mind if I drop in one day to talk to you. Or maybe we can meet up.

Thanks to you Marinah, you are the messanger of god who guides me ! I am enlighten by the wise words, the faith of friendship will continue. Btw, if you have anything you wish me to come, I would be gladly to attend, please shake from my ‘dreams’, by next because i will officially complete my course by the end of May 2012. Hope to hear from you soon and take care!

P.S : Have a nice and sunny day !

Simoienz Mok Jee Chin, Penang –

After referral by this Singapore client to Marinah Numerologist his business associates in China. They changed their names in English and Chinese, Change their handphone numbers, address house numbers, change their business feng shui card. This was the feedback/testimonial written on the fb chatting : – * NOW THEIR BUSINESS WORTH 4OK RMB, * Which is the first time in their life and they do not need pitching, * last time their business monthly having sales of between10K-30K already very happy. * Now they are so impressive that they want to help you spread words of your services through words of mouth. * Thank you Marinah.

Enormous, Singapore –

Ya, my working life have some improvement, I m more busy and have many work activities. A business friend want me to join him to do business but so far still on talking and planning stage. I haven’t see money coming and financially not prosperous. I think it will come eventually. I got to be positive and continue to move forward. As for my love life, I have attracted few girls, but not sure if they r the one compatible with me.

I will update u more in the future. Thank you Marinah.


Non Name, Kuala Lumpur –

Dear Marinah, today marks exactly 2 months since the day I have started to write my name for 55 times. I would say that I have felt positive things coming my way… being in business and also in relationship. I couldn’t quantify at the moment exactly the results of each positive encounter (business and relationship), but I do feel things have slowly changed. Even though it could be sometimes a bad situation, but it will ended up well and smooth. I thank god for it and the blessings I get since the day I started. In the 2nd month of my changes (name, house no. plate, etc.), and i hope in the months to come, i can give you a really positive and quantifiable result of the positive energy i am receiving. I am continuing for the 3rd month now, and hope things will go well for my future endeavours, as I am planning for greater things to expand my biz and also taking a next leap in my relationship (if things goes much smoother). Now that i am seeing/ feeling positive things coming my way, i would also like to help other ppl in getting a better life by going through numerology analysis from Marinah. Good life should be for everyone so that we can make it a positive world to stay in. In the meantime, I am also continuing to do as many good deeds as I can, think positively and think of good-wishers for others as well. I hope as time passes by, I can look back and recount the positive things I have encountered, and share with you some meaningful events that have happened in my life after the changes you have recommended. Many thanks again Marinah for your help and guidance. This is a real posiitve experience for me.

Bherayyen Cheong, ADVANTT Solutions (912242-H) –

Dear Marinah, too bad you gave me car no 6796 yesterday came out TOTO 7796 3rd prize else kena belanja you( If not buy you free meal).Toto don’t have 3 nos. Hope better luck next time. Tqvm.

Master Khoo –

I know Marinah while am travelling in LA last year, that time, I just know number as a number & nothing more than that. I don’t even know what is numerologist & I assume Marinah was a math teacher :). She told me all about numerologist & the power of number. I was reluctant to trust & believe all this as I assume it is kind of black magic! with the ‘trying heart’ I start change my chinese name. (because I feel like no harm as no body know it, it is stil the same pronounce, only writing is differ) after a month I can feel ‘something different’ happen in me & I put that name in my business card on the next morning.

to prove that ‘feeling’, I change my hse number & mobile number immediately. within a quarter in my business I can say there is a huge changes that I had never come accross in my life! am looking for changing my car number now!

Thank you master!

As for me, Marinah is not only a Master but also a great life consultant. thanks for all your passion & great help.


Ryan Chin, Facebook Friend –

To a special person: Marinah Ng Wai Leng

In the course of a lifetime many friends, colleagues both professional and non professional people come and go.  There are actually only a small percentage of these people that become a permanent part of one’s life and believe it or not, everything happened for a reason – whether it is going to happen now or later is just left to be seen.

I have been gifted with the unconditional tie with Marinah, a professional numerologist through my spouse approximately 2-3 years now.  I was never a believer in all these as I always thought that this is all fated and doing good deeds like blood donation and donation to the orphanage are good enough. I was all wrong, fate can be one thing in life but avoiding or working around it, is totally another sciences that I never thought of.

It was back in late 2010, I was out of job for reasons beyond my expectation and not too long I got a new job but things just don’t work out well. There were more obstacles than anything else and after long persuasion; I decided to consult Marinah on one Sunday noon at her office in E-gate. Without much ado, she told me my English and Chinese name does not match well with me and will continue to be the same if I do not do anything to it. A few proposals for the English name came up, and as usual, were never a believer, but decided to give it a go after all; I am already in deep trouble. Then a few days later, the new Chinese character also came on board.

Marinah just told me to do some homework by writing my name both in English and Chinese for about 73 days and 100 days each day about 73 times and 25 times respectively and as I write, says out, “ I want to succeed and …” (your wishes). I did this religiously and diligently without fail every early morning. 100 days approximately 3 months…I begin to see changes, and bosses from other company start to communicate with me, executive search company start calling me again and now I have landed a job back to Penang working for a JV company and getting to where I was when I was in 2010. Also, I find my calmness in myself in handling difficult situation. Mind you, it’s just about changing name only, I have not change all others yet, so I now believed the power of numbers do and do play an important role other than just doing good deeds.

As everything happened for a reason, I believed meeting Marinah was all fated with a reason as well. Marinah let me take this opportunity to convey my deepest sincere THANK YOU to you and best wishes to you in your undertaking a journey of Numerology. Look forward to meet you again in the coming times ahead!

Ansen Quah Chong Ghee, Penang –

Dear Marinah,

I met Marinah December 2011 through a very good friend of mine. He told me about how amazing she is. His life is changing and promotion after a quarter of year after met Marinah. Therefore I called up to make an appointment, after all it is something new to me and I would like to know more about my English and Chinese names meaning and numbers around me.

She’s not only an expert in numerology but also a great advisor in business and life. I changed my Chinese and English name for the sake of “testing” to see whether it brings better luck and sales in insurance when I just joined after 6 months. After a month of changing names, I realized appointments delay and cancel were lesser. People tend to listen to my presentation at road show. After two months, I changed my phone number, car number, office number and business card structure. I remembered she says my name card will attract client ask for DISCOUNT on the premium paid, BINGO! Ever since I change my business card, I didn’t come across this issue anymore. My networking keeps expanding, referrals from client as well. Thanks to Marinah!

I’ve introduced my colleagues and friends to Marinah, hoping people around me has a better life changing and happiness. I wish this testimonial might help you guys out there who looking for better opportunity to change your life. I’m glad I met Marinah. Thank you soo much!

Syaron Teh Yik Ming, Hong Leong Assurance Berhad, Penang –

Dear Marinah,

I want to thank you about my name change. Previously, i always quarrell with my hubby on small matter and many times would treathen divorce. After changing my name for few months, i noticed i am more composed and more understanding. I may nag him but in a better manner.

One more to add. We used to have very poor sex life. After my name change, it is so amazing, our sex life improved totally.

I have no reason not to believe you but I have to really thank you for improving my marriage.

Beautiful Lady, Penang –