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Loosen Up, Lighten Up 27/4

Do you easily get uptight about things? Is it because you’re trying to control everything? Is it because you take everything too seriously?

Loosen Up. Focus on the things that you can have an impact on and learn to accept everything else that’s out of your control.

And lighten up. Smile more, laugh more and see the humour in life, instead of taking everything so seriously.

To use the power of the intellect is to become victorious over thoughts.

Thought to Ponder:

The mind continues to create thoughts, many of them being negative or waste. We do know we don’t need such thoughts, but seem powerless to win over them. The power of the intellect helps in keeping the reins in our hands. Understanding helps in resolving instead of suppressing or pushing.

Point to Practice:

Today I will check my own thoughts. I will do this at least 5 times today. I will explain to my mind as I would to a small child. If I don’t find the right explanation, I will at least make my mind understand that there is an explanation and it will come at its own time. Till then, I need not worry about it.

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