Is it a Coincidence or is it You?

You think of someone and they call you or bump into you in the street.  Coincidence?Â
You go through a day and marvelous things just keep happening one after the other.  Just chance?  Or is it You?

Do you create realities through your thoughts?Â
Well, observe how your thinking affects everything.Â
The reality ‘out there’ depends on the observer.Â
The observer influences the observed.

Message for the day 22/7Â

True progress brings progress in others as much as for the self.

Projection: Â

It is usually believed that self-progress and progress of others is totally separate.  It is believed that where there is thought for the progress of the self, there is selfishness and there is no benefit for those around.  In fact, selfishness in an extreme form can also have a negative influence on those around.


In whatever we do we have to check and see if there is any benefit for others along with whatever benefit we are getting.  If there isn’t we can check to see if there is a better way of doing what we are doing which could have a positive influence on at least one person.  Then we will find our self benefitting doubly.  We will get the blessings from others along with the personal benefit we get

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